WysiWyg announces the appointment of Dr. Teruhiko Higuchi as our new medical advisor.

Dr. Higuchi is an exceptionally dedicated psychiatrist – the first person from Asia to have been awarded the Golden Kraepelin Medal; he also serves as the Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors, National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry of Japan. Teruhiko Higuchi Biography 1972 Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Tokyo University. 1979 Obtained […]

Supporting “Foods with Function Claims” Submission for Foreign Clients.

WysiWyg has started the document writing services for systematic literature review regarding functional food. We can support those clients who are willing to seek the market potential of its targeted functional food in Japan. “Foods with Function Claims” System of “Foods with Function Claims” ……… Questions?? Who established this system and when ? This health […]

WysiWyg has established a drug safety management team to support contractors of domestic clinical trials.

It is well-know that the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement has recently been reached. This global movement has caused changes in the trend of the Japanese pharmaceutical industry. Not only large-scale foreign pharmaceutical companies, but also small-scale companies marketing profitable drugs can now extend their business across the borders more easily than before. WysiWyg understands that such […]