Our basic policy for business continuity during pandemics, natural disasters and other emergency situations is as follows.

Basic policy

When the company’s business ceases due to natural disasters or pandemics, our working process for customers will be affected. As such, to be able to execute our responsibility even during emergency situations, we have formulated Business Continuity Planning (BCP) which describes the handling of emergency situations and preventive measures.

BCP basic policy

  1. During normal time, the focus shall be on preventive measures to prepare for eventual emergency situations.
  2. During an emergency situation, the preservation of human life is of the highest priority, and the company’s human and material resources shall be preserved to the highest degree.
  3. During an emergency situation, respond to a request from public agency, we will support to restore the original state of local community
  4. To adapt to external changes and to respond to the demands from our customers, we will revise our BCP in regular basis.

Expected risk

In addition to pandemics caused by pandemic influenza and large-scale direct earthquakes, natural disasters such as typhoons and floods, attacks by terrorism, fires and cyber attacks are also expected as risk.

Damages affecting business continuity

We take into consideration long-term disruptions such as lifelines, physical damage, personal damage, and shut down of information access.

Appropriate initial action by BCP implementation

Emergency headquarter is established after the launch of the BCP based on the judgement of managers headed by CEO, and respective departments will be allocated the following tasks.

  • Confirmation of employee’s safety and collection of information regarding damages etc.
  • Check actual working activities required for completion of duties entrusted from customer
  • Public relation activities for customer
  • Back-up support for actual working department and responding to customer
  • Maintenance of information system device e.g. restoration and maintenance of information system

Implementation of tasks and goals in each BCP phase

To quickly restore to our former conditions, Emergency headquarter will set task goals over time for each phase starting from BCP launch. Accurate information is collected and to be shared by all employees in order to adapt flexibly under continuously changing conditions.

Collecting information and information release to customers

Emergency headquarter collects information regarding employee safety, damage status, and secondary disaster prevention, and to inform its status of BCP progress to customer.