WysiWyg’s personnel dispatch

Since safety information management in the pharmaceutical industry requires, in addition to general translation and data input also specialized knowledge in medicine and pharmacology, considerable time and effort go into hiring new personnel compared to more regular occupations.

At WysiWyg, through many years of experience and performance, we are well aware of what skills the pharmaceutical industry demands and employ an abundance of the kind of talent that companies desire. As such, we can through thorough meetings with the customer, where we confirm the dispatch personnel’s skills and training, recommend more suitable personnel for their specific needs.

Our strengths

The occupations we provide


We provide competent translators in medicine, pharmacology and life-science.

  • Medical and pharmacological-related translation
  • Biologics-related translation
  • Patent-related translation

Safety information management

Personnel for every individual business aspect (case evaluation, translation, data input) is a given, but we also provide personnel thoroughly educated in the processes from case procurement to reporting to the regulatory authority.

  • Case evaluation
  • Case translation
  • Case data input in safety database

Dispatch model

  • As a rule contracts are drawn up between the three parties of dispatch personnel, the user enterprise and dispatch agency (WysiWyg).
  • In instances involving dispatch contracts the chain of command of the personnel lie with the user enterprise (in case of service contracts the chain of command lies with WysiWyg).
  • We staff companies according to their specifications with our skilled, knowledgeable and highly specialized personnel.
  • Payment of salaries and benefits are handled by WysiWyg.

If during the dispatch period the company wants to hire dispatch personnel as permanent
employees the contract can be redrawn. Support is provided until the personnel has been
officially hired at your company. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Worker Dispatching Undertakings License Number: License 13-301230
Fee-Charging Employment Placement Business License Number 13-ユ-306799