Basic Policy of Information Security Management System

We declare the following regarding the information security management system.

  • To establish an organization to systematically manage and operate information security, and define its roles and responsibilities. Appoint an information security general manager, establish an information security committee as an operating organization, establish an information security system for management and continuously improving information security, which all members will comply to it.
  • To identify threats and vulnerabilities to information assets in terms of confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Establish a mechanism to assess the risk response using justified criteria, and conduct periodic assessments.
  • In promoting these activities, we should be aware of the importance, carefully consider the priority of securing and allocating human resources, and continuously provide all personnel involved with the education necessary for its compliance and improvement.
  • Conduct internal audits, evaluate the compliance status of information security management system, pursue the effectiveness by promoting corrective measures, and to improve system reliability, which will contribute to the business continuity.
  • If there is any act that violates this basic policy and information security management system, it should be handled in accordance with the internal regulations.

Privacy policy

We at WysiWyg are well aware of the importance of the protection of personal information and have for that purpose implemented personal information guidelines for the protection of personal information. All of our employees strive towards complete and thorough protection of personal information. Our guidelines for personal information are delineated below.

Note) Medical translation classroom “Ansekureco” is managed by WysiWyg Co.,Ltd. and the personal information guidelines hereunder apply to it as well.

Company policy regarding the use of personal information

Personal information obtained from the customer and the customer’s own information

  • Any and all personal information obtained from the customer shall not be used for any other purpose other than for the purposes of communication, request confirmation, business purposes, contract fulfillment, management etc.
  • Personal information which is included in documents or materials obtained from the customer shall be used for no other purpose than for the designated purpose.
  • Personal information which is included in documents or materials obtained from the customer shall in accordance with the contract at the time of contract termination be immediately returned or destroyed.
  • To realize the abovementioned guidelines we conduct thorough personal information management through the implementing of necessary and appropriate firewalls for our services and systems as well as thoroughly educating our personnel in personal information management.

Personal information for home-based translators and lone workers

  • Personal information for employees registered as translators, bibliographers, medical writers, external database inputters, abstractors, indexers etc. (hereafter lone workers) shall together with the clarification of the use of said information not be used for any purpose other than the purposes of the commissioning of translations, creation of bibliographies, writing, database inputting, abstracts, index etc. and be used only to the extent which is deemed necessary.
  • In instances where personal information is used for other purposes besides the ones stated above prior notice shall be given, purpose of use shall be explained and the information shall be used only when consent has been obtained.
  • A personal information manager is employed to quickly and precisely manage eventual matters regarding complaints, corrections and rescindment.

Personal information obtained from the website, access logs etc.

  • Personal information obtained through the website regarding contact and employment shall not be used for any purpose other than to the degree and scope that is deemed necessary.
  • In the usage of personal information we comply with the Personal Information Protection Law, other ordinances and the Company’s personal information guidelines.
  • To avoid unwanted access, loss, destruction, forgery and unsanctioned dissemination of personal information we have implemented several preventive actions and take corrective measures should any of the abovementioned instances occur.
  • For proper protection of personal information, all of our employees are thoroughly informed regarding the importance of the protection of personal information.
  • Our personal information guidelines for the protection of personal information are subject to regular scrutiny and are revised and improved when necessary.
  • If the person in question requests the publicizing, correction or removal of personal information it will be conducted at an appropriate time and according to social praxis.
  • Personal information is stored in its correct and updated state.

Sharing of personal information to a third party

Personal information obtained from customers or translators will not be disseminated or publicized to third parties under any circumstances other than those listed below.

  1. Due to legal obligation,
  2. If the customer’s consent has been obtained with regards to the publicizing or disseminating of personal information to a third party.

Furthermore, to guarantee smooth operation of the Company’s businesses personal information may be disseminated to contractors when part of the business is contracted. In such situations we perform in relation to the contractor appropriate personal information management in accordance with established laws and regulations.

System maintenance

We maintain our internal systems for personal information protection and conduct in conjunction with system-based appropriate protection, management and usage of personal information continuous improvement of said system. For this purpose we perform regular examinations of the personal information’s usage circumstances, confirm the results, and if necessary conduct revisions of company regulations relating to the abovementioned guidelines and personal information protection. In addition we perform education for all of our employees.
Furthermore, in conjunction with striving to preserve personal information accurately and up-to-date the Company also implements necessary and appropriate measures to guard against leaks, loss, and libel, as well as safe management for other personal data.

Contact for complaints, corrections, and rescindment of personal information

If you have any complaints, corrections or rescindments regarding the usage of personal information, please contact the following address.

Personal information manager: Sokichi Ando

Guidelines regarding the exclusion of anti-social forces

We are acutely aware of the social responsibility that we as a company hold and for the purpose of conducting a responsible and healthy business we strive to avoid any and all relations with anti-social forces which threaten the order and safety of society.

Basic principles to avoid damage from anti-social forces

  • Respond as an organization.
  • Cooperate with external specialist agencies.
  • Termination of any and all business-related connections.
  • Legal responses, both civil and criminal, in the event of an emergency.
  • Prohibit any and all backstage deals and funding.

Responses and management

  • To not assign responsibility to a department chief or a single department but manage the situation as an organization under the direction of the president and the board of directors.
  • In the event where unreasonable demands are presented by anti-social forces we will handle the situation by cooperating with the police and legal agencies.
  • We distance ourselves from any and all business including the offering of products or services to anti-social forces. We also firmly reject any and all unreasonable demands.
  • In instances of receiving unreasonable demands from anti-social forces we shall deal with them legally, both civilly and criminally.
  • Funding of anti-social forces shall never be conducted.

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