Message from the President

We are pleased to announce that our company has commemorated its 25th anniversary in 2018. An age of 25 years is still young when considering that age to ourselves. However, we also feel that we have reached an important milestone in our journey and believe it is a good opportunity to look back and reflect upon our history.

At the very beginning, WysiWyg started out its business by supporting the construction of a database for NASA. NASA, as you know, is a well-known US national institute and therefore is known to have very stringent requirements regarding the quality and accuracy of translations. WysiWyg faced this formidable challenge and was able to fully meet their requirements and succeeded in gaining credibility from NASA. This was just the beginning for WysiWyg in opening the door towards more opportunities in accurate translations of scientific and technical information.

From then on, our business has gradually shifted direction towards the medical area, namely, medical translations and translations of application data for new drugs. For example, in regards to medical translations, we had an opportunity to translate several volumes of famous orthopedic textbooks into Japanese in joint effort with a medical publication company. For new drug application data translations, we created a “corpus” (as it is now called in machine translation) for English and Japanese technical documents, including non-clinical and clinical studies which were requested from a certain pharmaceutical company. These business opportunities have led WysiWyg to become a company “specializing in medical documentation”.

In our database business, we have also continued to provide quality services as a contract agency for the national institute, JST, that owns the largest medical and pharmaceutical databases in Japan. WysiWyg has steadily made progress as a company capable of creating medical and life sciences database abstracts and providing index services.

The trend and the needs of the pharmaceutical industry have motivated WysiWyg to move onto a new business in medical writing. This is a service that requires even more skills and knowledge of pharmaceutical development and for a moment, we felt that it might be too difficult to handle. However, we responded by upgrading our internal training, securing the right professionals, and by solidifying our quality assurance process. As a result, we were able to overcome the challenges we faced and have come to the point where we can proudly offer our medical writing services as the key pillar of business for WysiWyg.

WysiWyg’s challenges have continued. The “safety information report” is a document to be reported in clinical trials and the post-marketing period of pharmaceutical products. This document is crucial for pharmaceutical companies as it may not be exaggerated to say that this safety-related document may decide the fate of that pharmaceutical product and sometimes the fate of the pharmaceutical company itself. WysiWyg has again, stepped up to this challenge of the business for “safety information report” and this challenge is still ongoing. We have also made a commitment to develop a safety data input program and have succeeded and we called it “WISE (R2 compatible)”.

Recently, we have re-evaluated the importance of education and have opened a medical translation classroom called “Ansecureco”. We offer students practical study courses and aim to provide students with an effective learning environment.

Looking back to our history, it was not an easy journey as we had to go through some stages of trial-and-error. There were some difficult times, however, we have always received warm encouragement and support from our customers. We truly appreciate our customers for guiding us to enable achieving our goals together.

WysiWyg will continue to strive for excellence in providing services to our customers. We hope our strong commitment to integrity and quality of our business will further enhance the progress of our company.

WysiWyg Co., Ltd. President & CEO
WysiWyg Co., Ltd.
President & CEO
Sokichi Ando