Philosophy / Mission

Corporate Philosophy

What you seek is What you Get !

The name, WysiWyg, is an acronym of the expression “What you see is What you Get”.
This is a DTP term which means: “To output what is displayed as it is”.
Since the company’s founding in 1994, we have treated this phrase as a company principle for “creating scientifically accurate” texts for our customers.
As the times changed, what was demanded of us also changed along with time. Now, we added a “ k ” by changing the meaning from “to see” to “to seek” or “what our customer wants”.
And an “” to express an even deeper and stronger feeling of our intention to change.

Thus, the expression was reborn with the additional meaning of our desire:

What you seek is What you Get ! - “Shaping your desire” “Responding to your needs”
Embracing this new phrase, we will move ever stronger forward.
To create together with you.


“Making contribution for the development of industry through support and by providing high quality services related to language and documentation requested by customers in the fields of medical, pharmaceutical and life sciences”

WysiWyg offers a satisfying service that is tailored to the business and customer needs specific to pharmaceuticals.