Technological literature bibliography database creation

Creates abstracts and keywords from databases in medicine, pharmacology and life science

We have engaged in content creation in medicine, pharmacology and life science. We currently take on more than 150,000 papers annually and create abstracts and keywords of literature within such diverse fields as molecular biology to clinical fields including medical equipment. As such we employ highly specialized translators, abstractors and searchers to be able to provide an assortment of high-quality services.

Content creation of company-internal databases according to the customer’s needs

We provide creation of abstracts and keywords for company-internal databases focused around pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies. After having inquired to the customer about their needs (R&D, sales promotion etc.) our database-specialists will provide the customer with high-quality abstracts and keywords.

Creates accurate keywords for literature searching

Our database-specialized personnel create accurate keywords and provide high-quality databases supporting the latest technological information.

Database creation and maintenance support

With the latest technological information we perform addition of new terminology, creation of parallel translations and synonyms for dictionaries and thesauri

We have for many years engaged in variety of abstracting and indexing cases within the fields of medicine, pharmacology and life science. Our personnel, deeply knowledgeable from their R&D experience, experience in content creation for databases and maintenance of technological dictionaries, perform maintenance of accurate dictionaries based on the latest technological information.

Our personnel, knowledgeable in literature-searching and keyword-creation, perform maintenance of accurate dictionaries according to the customer’s needs

Not only we have a focus on abstracting and indexing in the field of medicine, pharmacology and life-science but also in revision of technological thesauri and maintenance of large-scale dictionaries.
Our experienced and highly specialized personnel provide thorough and meticulous support according to the customer’s needs.

Literature screening

We handle information extraction and screening of academic literature within the wide fields of medicine, pharmacology and life science

We conduct academic literature screening focused around safety information regarding pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and animal pharmaceuticals. Our personnel, knowledgeable in abstracts and keyword (index term) creation, perform meticulous information extraction and processing in line with the customer’s needs.

Support the creation of AI information system

We perform annotation and establish mutual relationship between terms for the literature search and creation of AI information system

Taking advantage of our experience in the medical and pharmaceutical literature work, we have supported the creation of literature searching system and information system using AI, which has been actively developed in recent years.


Terminology based on ontology
Based on the ontology provided by the customer, we performed the maintenance and establish mutual relationship between the terms contained in medical and biological glossary.

Extracting information from medical literature, annotation work
We have created “teaching” data for constructing a medical information system using AI. Terms with a specific meaning (drug name, disease, etc.) were extracted from the academic literature, and mutual relationship between these terms were established and annotated.