Experience / Customer Relationship

“25 years” of experience

Since our establishment in 1994, we at WysiWyg have experienced a large number of business opportunities in 25 years. With regard to our overall business performances, our database business has produced more than 150,000 abstracts etc. per year, our medical writing business has earned credibility from the industry’s top CROs and pharmaceutical companies, and needless to say that our medical translation business has been entrusted with a countless number of translation jobs. Through the extensive experience in these business areas, we now intend to focus more on contract projects specializing in “pharmaceuticals” combined with another of our business pillar in safety information management.

Keeping “Long” relationship

Through relentless effort and dedication to work, WysiWyg has gained the trust of many customers, and we have been able to build up long and sustained relationships with many customers during the past 25 years. We consider that these achievements could only be achieved through the valuable opinions and encouragement from our customers. Their support has guided us in becoming a highly regarded company with business excellence and a diligent business attitude. As a result of the trust that we have built over the years with our customers, we have continuing relationships with numerous customers and they have entrusted their business to WysiWyg for over 10 years.

“Repeating” customers

At WysiWyg, we feel that it is important to listen to our customers and engage in work that is tailored according to our customer needs. Regardless of which business division provides the service, we often hear from our customers regarding the high quality of our services and of their satisfaction in us meeting delivery times and price settings. We believe that our integrity and dedicated efforts standout in the business we provide and that has brought many customers to repeatedly use our services.


“Small ” can be flexible

WysiWyg is not a large company. Rather, we consider ourselves to be a small to mid-sized company. However, we are able to provide services according to the size of our customer’s needs and business requirements. WysiWyg has the flexibility to make adjustments to handle various volumes of business jobs, from small to medium, or even to large scale jobs.

“Reasonable” pricing

WysiWyg always makes its best effort to meet the requirements of the customer in all aspects. We always consult with customers in advance and try to reach the pricing which is mutually agreeable and satisfactory. Unlike other companies that are larger, WysiWyg has the flexibility in pricing which we consider to be one of the advantages in being a small to mid-sized company. WysiWyg will always strive to reach a win-win relationship with customers.

“Attentive” service

WysiWyg believes it is extremely important to have in-depth understanding of what the customer actually wants to be done and provide any approach that will make the business process easier for the customer. For example, in the process of creating or revising a certain medical document, we always exchange or provide our customers with attentive comments and opinions which help our customers to efficiently finalize the document. The same emphasis is placed on constant and informative communications with our customers as we work together and collaborate to achieve goals by utilizing our services.

Human Resources/Organization

High level of “Expertise”

Since WysiWyg has long been involved in creating scientific documentation, we are continuing to recruit human resources with working experience in pharmaceutical companies. In addition, we feel it is important to strengthen our internal education program to further develop the professional skills of our employees. In medical writing and pharmaceutical translation services where such expertise and skills are required, we have scientific documentation experts who are well acquainted with knowledge in various areas of diseases including oncology.

“Integrity” and “Promise”

In one word, we can say WysiWyg is a “diligent” company. We are always committed to the details and delivery times that we promise to our customers. Time is extremely important for those customers dealing with drug research and development, e.g. pharmaceutical companies, CRO and academia. Although the requests and volume of work from the customers vary in many cases, we always work hard to follow the plan of our customers and maintain the integrity at the work under any circumstances.

Organization enables “Package” business (see the figure below)

WysiWyg is comprised of main business divisions such as medical/technical translation, medical writing, safety information management, and medical database construction support. We are able to provide various specialized services based on our highly skilled translation capability. No other company has our diverse set of functions and unique business approach. For example, we can provide a combination of multiple services, such as medical writing + translation, or safety information management + translation etc., as a business package. This type of business model has the advantage in streamlining operations, flexible overall pricing, and in securing important data or information in one place.