Medical writing

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We perform speedy and accurate document creation grounded in our experience, personnel, document databases and knowledge which we have accumulated through our medicine and pharmaceutical-related businesses.
Our medical writers have over 10 years of experience in medical writing and can accommodate both Japanese and English.
Furthermore, we take on process contracts in line with the customer’s demands, including summary tables, i.e. preparation of a single table from several tables (data input), preparation of only methods and results, adverse drug reaction (ADR) narratives and more.

Drug application-related document writing

With our medical writers experienced in the pharmaceutical industry, and experts in medicine, pharmacology and biochemistry, we offer various medical writing services according to the customer’s needs.

Article writing

We offer consistent support from the examination of publishing guidelines for the target journal, translation and revision of drafts, writing support, English proofreading, and publishing support all the way to article review.


We support the busy and saturated pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies with their businesses.

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