Safety information management

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We support pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies with the lowering of costs related to the management of safety information as well as risks related to changes in business volume allowing them to focus on their core businesses.
We propose systems tailored to the customer’s needs and take on both comprehensive and partial safety information management.

Commission of safety information management

With many years of experience, know-how and personnel we support the pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies’ safety information management. We also create business systems tailored specifically according to the customer’s needs.

Translation of safety information reports

We offer quick and high-quality translation services grounded in our experience, knowledge, personnel, internal medical specialist competence and experience in safety information support which we as a translation company specialized in medicine and technology have cultivated.

Literature screening

We offer pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies evaluation support services, stretching from obtainment of literature to literature evaluation for reportability to the regulatory authority. Literature screenings are conducted according to guidelines and rules determined by the customer.

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