Database creation

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In 1995, WysiWyg was designated for the creation of the JOIS database (currently JDream III) for the Japan Information Center for Science and Technology (currently Japan Science and Technology Agency). Now we annually handle more than 150,000 papers within medicine, pharmacology and life science. We consistently provide high-quality products and as a result have earned our customers’ trust. In addition, we support the customers to create abstracts and keywords for company-internal databases focused around pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies. With a focus on abstracts and indexing of academic literature we conduct maintenance of literature and adverse reaction information necessary for development and sales promotion.
We have lately actively engaged in new ventures including the support of scientific terminology dictionary ontologification.

Technological literature bibliography database creation

Our experienced personnel create academic literature databases focused around medicine, pharmacology and life science and support the acquisition of information for sales promotion and R&D.

Database creation and maintenance support

With our experienced and knowledgeable personnel we conduct maintenance of technological terminology dictionaries and thesauri as well as database creation and maintenance.

Literature screening

We support the gathering of accurate information through selection and processing of literature database search results.

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