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Safety information management

By supporting the pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies with their safety information management we enable them to focus on their core businesses.


We continue to support our diverse customers’ document creation by providing “scientifically correct”, high-quality translation.

Medical writing

Fast and meticulous support for document creation and process contracts according to the customer’s demands and needs. We accommodate both Japanese – English and English – Japanese.

Database creation

We also support the pharmaceutical companies’ internal (intranet) database creation and perform maintenance of ADR (adverse drug reaction) information as well as processing of literature information necessary for R&D and sales promotion.

Dispatch business

With our plethora of highly specialized and skilled registered personnel we can dispatch staff that fit the customer’s needs.

Foods with Function Claims Systematic Review

With our specialized knowledge in life science and writing proficiency we provide support for the creation of application documents (Systematic Reviews) for Food with Function Claims.

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