What you seek is What you Get!

Shaping your desire… Responding to your needs…

WysiWyg is a “creator” of scientific documents, and for years, we have cherished “creation of accurate documents” as our motto. However, as the times changed, we felt the need to make a change in our approach to adapt more to the requests and needs of our customers. In addition to the “creation of accurate documents”, we strongly believe it is important to “shape our products to match the desire” of our customers through documentation, and to take further steps to meet the needs of our customers.

Focus on “Pharmaceutical” Documentation Services

Medical Writing
Safety Information Management
Database Support

Since our establishment, WysiWyg has been engaged in the business of science documentation along with development of technical skills. With the experience and business results achieved through the last two decades, we are heading into a new era (“Reiwa era”) as we look forward to further enhance our business specializing in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

From NASA, Translation… to Medical Science

25 years of experience, a new start for WysiWyg

It is WysiWyg’s 25th anniversary since our establishment in 1994. Starting from supporting NASA’s database, we have steadily expanded our business to other areas such as medical writing and safety information management under our solid base of medical translation business. WysiWyg will continue to strengthen its business focused on the field of medical science.

Why WysiWyg ?

  • Excellent Business Track Record

    Excellent Business Track Record

    We have built up 25 years of experience…WysiWyg has been selected as a reliable partner for many pharmaceutical companies and research institutions

    WysiWyg started out its business from supporting a NASA space database project. By working through the stringent requirements of this world-class scientific institution, we have been providing high quality services since then. WysiWyg has also developed its business in the area of medical and pharmaceutical documentation which is derived from its reliable performance in medical translation services. From thereon, we decided to make a commitment to more specialized businesses such as medical writing and safety information management. We are now able to offer a variety of services targeted towards pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies. WysiWyg has been selected as a reliable and dedicated partner by many well-known national institutions such as NASA and JST, as well as numerous top local or global pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies and CROs.

  • High Level of Expertise

    High Level of Expertise

    WysiWyg is a professional organization dedicated to “creating” translation and documentation in pharmaceutical area

    WysiWyg employs a sufficient number of highly specialized and talented personnel to provide high quality services. Experts in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, and foreign languages support our customer’s work. Furthermore, in order to continuously provide our customers with quality work, we strive to improve the skills of all of our employees by conducting various in-house training in each specialized field, covering areas from business to academic knowledge, in our effort to develop highly capable employees.

  • Flexible Business Style

    Flexible Business Style

    WysiWyg will adjust to your needs in quality, price and delivery time

    In order to reliably complete our services entrusted to us, WysiWyg is ready and prepared to assign a sufficient number of translators, contract workers and translation proofreaders to projects. We are also flexible enough to handle small and even projects that require urgency. Our experienced project coordinators will assess the nature and volume of each project, and then assign optimal translators / workers for on-time delivery. At the same time, WysiWyg works to provide quick response and best effort in balancing the quality and speed as required by the customers.

  • Highly Reliable

    Highly Reliable

    WysiWyg has been receiving long and continuous business from dedicated customers

    WysiWyg always strives to build up excellence in its business with customers through its scientific accuracy, prompt response, and in-depth communication focused on our partners. We are consistently able to provide services with high customer satisfaction, and customers have a high level of trust with the quality of our work. This has led to a continuous inflow of work from loyal customers over many years. Customer satisfaction and reliability are the key to our success, and we are proud to have such achievements that we have built up through our 25 years of experience.

Main service

  • Medical Writing

    Medical Writing

    We provide fast and meticulous support for document creation and process contracts according to the demands and needs of our customers. We can accommodate both Japanese/English and English/Japanese versions.

  • Safety Information Management

    Safety Information Management

    By supporting pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies with their safety information management, we enable our customers to focus on their core businesses.

  • Translations


    We continue to support our customers’ document creation by providing “scientifically accurate", high-quality translations.

  • Database


    We also support the creation of pharmaceutical companies’ internal (intranet) databases and perform maintenance of ADR (adverse drug reaction) information as well as processing of literature and information necessary for R&D and sales promotion.

  • Writing on Functional Foods

    Writing on Functional Foods

    We provide scientific documentation and academic exploration linking “foods” with “science”, including systematic reviews (SR) for premarket notifications of “Foods with Function Claims” submitted to the Consumer Affairs Agency.

  • Dispatch Business

    Dispatch Business

    With our plethora of highly specialized and skilled registered personnel, we can dispatch staff who meet the needs of our customers.