Pandemics and natural disasters

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Our basic policy for continued business during pandemics, natural disasters and emergency situations is as follows.

Basic policy

When the Company’s business ceases due to natural disasters or pandemics our ability to fulfill our responsibility towards our customers will be affected. As such, to be able to execute our responsibility towards our customers even during emergency situations we have adopted Business Continuity Planning (BCP) which regulates the handling of emergency situations and preventive measures.

BCP basic guidelines

  1. During normal time the focus shall be on preventive measures to prepare for eventual emergency situations.
  2. During an emergency situation the preservation of human life is of the highest priority and the Company’s human as well as material resources shall be preserved to the degree where responsibility towards our customers can be fulfilled.
  3. To adapt to external changes and demands from our customers we conduct continuous revision of our BCP.

During a pandemic

Preparation before a pandemic

  • Conduct thorough infection prevention by following domestic infection-related information and quickly informing our employees of important information regarding infection risks.
  • If vacancies appear during a pandemic, to maintain a normal and smooth business remaining employees will share the responsibility and a system will be implemented where reserve employees will take over the tasks.

In the event of a pandemic

  • Install the company president as chief over the special response unit and conduct in conjunction with the execution of infection prevention actions also changes in personnel allocation as well as working hours to be able to maintain continued regular business.
  • Conduct health examinations of all employees. Those who are suspected of being infected will be sent home to prevent further internal spreading.
  • Instruct to not unnecessarily visit areas with large congregations such as conventions, amusement facilities and businesses.

During natural disasters

Readiness during normal time

Prepare for eventual earthquakes by constantly having available safety helmets and water as well as keeping injury to a minimum through thorough knowledge of emergency responses and exits.

Response during earthquakes

  • When the continuation of company functions and businesses are deemed to be difficult due to large earthquakes and subsequent tsunamis etc., the company president will be installed as chief over the special response unit and strive towards the continued preservation of the company’s functions and businesses.
  • When an earthquake has struck, in tandem with confirming the safety of the employees, the infrastructure (electricity, internet cables etc.) will be checked and the situation swiftly reported to our customers.

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