Mid Career

Recruitment Field
Medical Writing
Business Content

You will be tasked with preparing various documents related to new drug deverlopment and applications including CSR (Clinical Study Reports), product summary, Gaiyo summary, and CTD.

  • We are looking for individuals who are well-versed in the fields of pharmacology, toxicology and drug design with 3 or more years of experience who in the past 3 years either prepared or pariticipated in document preparation projects of the various document types listed above.
  • Individuals with experience in clincial development at pharmaceutical companies, application approval or CRO support are preferred.
Working Hours
Preferentially in accordance with company regulations and individual experience, ability, etc.
Commutation Allowance
Actual expenditure provided (up to established limit)
National holidays, New Year’s, summer vacation, etc.

Various benefit programs are provided

  • Insurance: employment insurance, workers’ accident compensation insurance, medical insurance, employees’ pension insurance
  • Retirement allowance: the employee will be entered into a retirement allowance mutual aid
  • Other: company-designated resort facility

【Benefits outside Japan】
Benefits including health insurance, employee insurance and pension insurance etc. are decided upon consultation with the company.